Erste Berichte / Interviews zu Project Eternity

Für den Start gibt es auch bereits zwei Artikel zu Project Eternity von Obsidian Entertainement. Besonders ausführlich lässt sich Studio-Chef Feargus Urquhart von Gamebanshee befragen. Darin geht er nochmal ausführlicher auf die Motivation und die grundlegenden Ziele ein. Details bleibt aber auch er uns noch schuldig.

Buck: Why do you feel that now is a good time to pursue a party-based, IE-inspired RPG, and why do feel that Kickstarter is the best way to do it?

Feargus: The reason is not a whole lot different than what we talked about a couple of years ago. It’s not as if people stopped wanting games like Icewind Dale or Baldur’s Gate, it was more that BioWare moved on as a studio and Black Isle went away. I hear from people all the time that they run out of the newer games to play and go back and play Baldur’s Gate 2 or Torment for the fifth or sixth time. What Kickstarter does is let us make a game that is absolutely reminiscent of those great games, since trying to get that funded through a traditional publisher would be next to impossible.

Quelle: Gamebanshee

Ergänzt wird das ganze durch einen Kurzbericht von Kotaku, der sich auf Basis eines Mailaustauschs mit Chris Avellone mehr auf die Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Fakten konzentriert.

„It’s not like we’ve had any lack of ideas, only a lack of opportunity or anyone who wanted to finance it. Then Kickstarter came along and a door opened—this was FINALLY our chance to sidestep the publisher model and get financing directly from the people who want to play an Obsidian RPG. I’d much rather have the players be my boss and hear their thoughts for what would be fun than people who might be more distant from the process and the genre and frankly, any long-term attachment to the title.“

Quelle: Kotaku


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